CBL Data Shredder

CBL Data Shredder 1.0

Eliminate the chances that information stored on your hard drive
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The CBL Data Shredder is intended to eliminate the chances that information stored on your hard drive may be retrieved by anyone when it, or the computer containing it, is disposed of.
Our experience is that files thought to have been deleted years previously, containing personal details, bank account details, credit card numbers, correspondence, etc., can be recovered all too easily, and simply formatting the drive is not an effective means of rendering this data inaccessible. This situation is made worse by the availability of off-the-shelf products that will automate the recovery process in some cases.
When used in accordance with the instructions in this guide, the CBL Data Shredder program will do what file deletion and partition formatting cannot: erase the entire contents of a treated hard drive, rendering them irretrievable to existing and future software-based recovery tools.

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